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Turnkey Construction Wraps up Renovation Project


Turnkey Construction Wraps up Renovation Project for Major Atlanta Commercial Property Management Company

Atlanta-based Turnkey Construction & Roofing (Turnkey) is wrapping up a large roofing project for a premier condominium property just outside of Atlanta. The project, which began at the end of May, will be completed at the end of July.

“In about 65 days, which is ahead of schedule, we will have completed nearly half a million dollars worth of work re-roofing and changing out gutters on this very large property,” said David Lewgood, vice president, Turnkey. “What’s more important is that we helped our client from start to finish, including guiding them through the insurance process to ensure all of the work needed was awarded and in the end provided them a high quality product and experience,” he added.

Lewgood reports that the client said they couldn’t say enough about Turnkey’s fantastic service. “Our client told me that they were impressed with the fact that we understood and helped them through the insurance process, balanced working well with them and their board, and always conducted ourselves professionally,” he added. “We also worked closely with the building inspector and residents to ensure a safe, positive experience for all involved,” Lewgood explained. “Our client reported that this was one of the smoothest construction projects they have experienced, which is a great compliment to us and our team,” Lewgood added.

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