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Turnkey Upgrades Roofing Systems for Georgia School for the Deaf


T1Turnkey Construction and Roofing recently completed a roofing project for the Activity Building of the Georgia School for the Deaf.  Turnkey also replaced the roofing system on the school’s Boiler Building. Both projects were performed for F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen’s Job Order Contract Division.

“Because the Activity Building has a large, complex metal roofing system, we recommended building a roofing system over the existing metal roof, which is in itself complex but pales in comparison in cost to removing and completely replacing the metal roof,” said Karl Ek, vice president, Turnkey Construction. Turnkey worked with the engineered scope to develop a plan that involved creating a system to build a shingled roof over the metal roof and connect them.

“Basically, we converted the metal roof to a shingle roof, which was not the easiest task given the circumstances,” Ek shared. “The existing roof was worn and rusted, but not completely needing to be replaced, so we shingled the entire building by adding decking and shingles over the existing metal roof,” he added. “In order to have the buildings on campus complement each other, we matched the shingles, added an external gutter system and added a ventilation system to allow the underside of the roof systems to be able to breathe.” Work was completed in 4 weeks.

T2On the Boiler Building – the building on campus that houses the school’s mechanical systems – Turnkey recommended an upgrade rather than replacing the entire roofing system, which will ultimately extend the life of the roof for an additional 15 years. “The repairs to the Boiler Building will take this building out another 15 years before the school has to replace it, which saves our client a great deal of money,” said Karl Ek, vice president, Turnkey. “It is a safe, effective system upgrade that is the better choice at this point,” he added. Specific work included removing dormant mechanical equipment, removing the old gutters and reinstalling new gutters, resealing the edge flashing, and capping and sealing the curbs. This project wrapped up last fall.

“Turnkey was chosen for these projects because they have the expertise to work in a challenging environment,” said Leo Wright, vice president of F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen’s Job Order Contract Division. “Turnkey also has the local talent and resources needed to get these projects completed for us on a fast-track basis without sacrificing quality,” he explained. These projects were completed under the EZIQC Program, which is Paschen’s Job Order Contract system offered to municipalities and agencies throughout the country to “fast track” their small to medium size projects using an agreed upon unit pricing system.

About F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen

In 1975, Frank H. Paschen founded Chicago Building Constructors, a general contracting company performing mostly remodeling and rehabilitation work in the Chicago area. In 1985, the company changed its name to F.H. Paschen, Inc. During this time, Paschen embarked on a period of sustained growth, successfully expanding again into new markets, including municipalities, school districts, colleges and universities and public housing authorities, and formed their Job Order Contract (JOC) Division to better serve our new and growing clientele. In 1992, F.H. Paschen expanded once again with the acquisition of S.N. Nielsen, one of Chicago’s oldest active general contracting firms, specializing in construction of health care, educational and institutional facilities. Today, F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen has operations in IllinoisFloridaLouisianaWashington D.C., Pennsylvania, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio and Wisconsin and consists of over 200 technical professionals covering all construction disciplines.  For more information, visit

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