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Turnkey Team Helps Fight Homelessness in Atlanta



The team at Turnkey Construction and Roofing joined the fight against homelessness in Atlanta by helping 7 Bridges to Recovery, a non-profit 501c3 organization that reaches out to the homeless of Atlanta and beyond. Their goal is to end homelessness in Atlanta, then in Georgia, then in the United States and eventually worldwide.

The team at 7 Bridges goes under the bridges of Atlanta and into an area called the Bluff (Atlanta’s largest crack cocaine and prostitution district) where they feed and meet physical needs as well as help get the homeless off of the streets.

7-bridges-2“As members of the Atlanta community, the Turnkey team is proud to participate in this great cause and roll up our sleeves to help end homelessness in Atlanta,” said Deanna Navarro-Ek, president, Turnkey (pictured left).  “We are involved at the ground level and are honored to be able to support programs and organizations that help get people and families off of the streets,” she added. Turnkey also participates in Atlanta’s Habitat for Humanity and The Atlanta Women’s Build, through CREW Atlanta, which is a program that involves women donors and volunteers in building a home to benefit single moms and empowers women to become homebuyers.

Turnkey Construction and Roofing is a woman owned business headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, that provides construction and roofing services throughout the greater Atlanta area. The team consists of professionals who have more than 50 years of experience in commercial and residential construction. Turnkey offers a comprehensive list of services from the simplest to the most complex of general contracting services within the residential and commercial markets. More information can be found at or (404) 799-7902.