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Turnkey Replaces Commercial Roofing System


IMG_0031Turnkey Construction & Roofing has replaced the roofing system for Gemstone Properties. The work was part of a project to get the building ready for sale, and it is now on the market.

“My two brothers and I own three buildings near one another and last spring, and all three ended up with major hail damage and some structural damage as well,” said Ed Jewell, owner, Gemstone Properties. “Turnkey actually replaced the roof and roofing systems on my brother’s buildings and he recommended that I use Turnkey as well.”

“This was a challenging project,” said Deanna Navarro-Ek, president, Turnkey. “Our team was able to get the full estimate approved by Gemstone’s insurance company on our first submission with no issues and move forward immediately,” she added. “This helped because we had some obstacles to overcome,” she explained. “For one, we were working with a building with five different roofing styles and materials across a 24,000-square-foot roof.”

IMG_0009Work on this commercial roofing project recently wrapped up. “We are especially proud to have completed this project on schedule considering the fact that we found some areas that had to be re-worked due to quality issues with one of our subcontractors,” Navarro-Ek offered. “We identified the problem, brought it to the owner’s attention and corrected it immediately,” she added.

“We were really impressed with the team,” Jewell stated. “They were extremely efficient and the quality of their work was great,” he added. “And even though the issue toward the end of the project cost us a bit of time getting the building on the market, we were more than happy that the team had the integrity to bring it to our attention and fix it immediately. Ultimately, it made for a higher quality building that we are proud to have on the market. I would highly recommend the team at Turnkey,” Jewell concluded. Anyone interested in touring the property and building can contact Jewell at (502) 337-3235.