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Turnkey Named Preferred Storage Construction Company


A major storage facility provider in the state of Georgia recently named Turnkey Construction & Roofing as a preferred storage construction and maintenance services company for their major metropolitan locations throughout the state of Georgia.

“We are excited and honored to have been chosen as the preferred service provider of storage construction and maintenance services for this major player in the storage industry,” said Karl Ek, Vice President and co-owner of Turnkey. “Our experience and expertise allows our new client to make one call to us and have all of theirStorage 2 challenges solved from painting, roofing and maintenance to renovations, modifications and even new construction,” he added.

Another major issue for companies like Turnkey’s new client is insurance and bonding. “Believe it or not, many contractors are not insured and we believe that insurance is an essential offering to our clients,” Karl explained. “Insurance gives our clients that extra peace of mind that their projects are protected,” he added. “In addition, it communicates to our customers that Turnkey is a solid company with the ability to obtain the high levels of insurance required to cover their projects properly.”

“In the end, our client also liked our safety record, quality of our workmanship and ability to consistently meet our project schedules,” Karl reported. “Our track record speaks for itself but our experience working with other storage facilities throughout the southern United States gives us the advantage of knowing the industry and being able to service our new client well.”

Turnkey’s most recent storage experience includes several facilities in South Carolina for another major player in the storage industry. Celebrating their first full year in business in Georgia this month, Turnkey’s management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in a variety of construction, engineering and roofing disciplines.