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Commercial Roofing Contractor Turnkey Keeps Atlanta Residents Shopping


Atlanta FountainAtlanta-based commercial roofing contractor Turnkey Engineering, Construction and Roofing (Turnkey) is keeping Atlanta area residents shopping! After a series of storms damaged the roofing systems on numerous shopping centers and buildings in the greater Atlanta area, Turnkey kicked into high gear to keep damaged shopping outlets operational and open to the public.

“The Atlanta area has experienced a great deal of storm damage to our commercial and residential roofing systems in recent years,” said David Lewgood, Vice President, Turnkey. “When a company’s ability to do business is on the line, we have to act quickly to ensure the company loses minimal time in getting their properties up and running safely and efficiently for their customers and the public,” he explained.

Turnkey received high marks from the developer for “the team’s knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail,” as well as their ability to “replace a commercial building’s roof without interrupting business” The developer reported that “Turnkey paid extra attention to safety, making sure that they were aware of every single person coming in and out of the buildings which is why we continue to work with the contractor for our roofing needs.”

Turnkey recently completed replacing storm-damaged roofing systems on a popular nationwide pharmacy location and is working on the same for a local shopping center.

Turnkey Engineering, Construction and Roofing is a woman-owned business headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with a major office in Louisville, that provides engineering, construction and roofing services throughout the greater Atlanta area. The team consists of professionals who have more than 50 years of experience in commercial and residential construction. Turnkey offers a comprehensive list of services from the simplest to the most complex of general contracting services within the residential and commercial markets. More information can be found at